I installed this pair of steel and glass doors inside Maison recently, where they divide the front of the shop from the workroom.

interior steel doorsfor a business

They feature self closing arms to keep them shut, custom door pulls, and laminate glass. Since they are interior doors they don’t have some features like weatherstripping or a threshold.

custom door pulls on this steel door

In this picture the custom pulls are shown, made from solid steel bar. These pulls are simple and modern, and are meant to be minimal and not detract from the uncluttered lines of the door.

These steel doors can be made in almost any configuration, any number of lights, and almost any size. They can be painted or powdercoated, they can be exterior or interior. They can have single pane or double pane glass. They can utilize mortise locks and traditional door hardware, closers, or simple pulls like these. They work equally well in a residential or business setting.

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