A simple, elegant interior railing installed in a new home. This railing features 5/8″ round pickets, a molded cover rail, and 1 1/4″ round posts. Some details include bent radiused up easings and offsets and a forged lambstongue end.

A patio railing job in painted mild steel. These handrails are made from solid bar, fully welded, and installed by core drilling and cementing in.

Other Railings:



A pair of demi-lune tables with steel tops made for a designer client. Sprayed with a black lacquer finish. When making custom furniture, its possible to meet the customers needs exactly in terms of size, shape, and finish.

Console style table in Demi-lune shape.

Banded edge on custom steel table.

This end table features two piece of plate steel held together with riveted legs. No welding was used to make this piece!

Handmade table with plate steel top.

Riveted joinery featured in this custom table

Steel plate top with riveted joinery

A client needed a long console table to go behind a pair of large chairs. This sleek table spans the space without anything interrupting the flow of the black metal surface.

Large custom console table.

Corner of custom console table.


Doors and Windows

This double door was installed in Maison in Mountain Brook Village. It has automatic closers and custom pulls.

custom steel door
double steel door


Stove Hoods

I made this brass trim to accent an existing stove hood. The pieces were designed with a layered corner overlay.

custom brass trim on stove hood

Brass has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity. It makes a great accent for kitchens. This particular brass was polished to a low luster and then waxed. Brass screws secure it to the hood.

detail of brass on kitchen stove hood

At Jackson Forge, we can make all sorts of brass hardware and decorative brass pieces.