The Professional Blacksmith

Blacksmith Products


We plan on offering the following products in the future in an online store. In the meantime, please email if you are interested in any of the following:

Lasercut blanks – flowers (tulip, rose, carnation, sunflower, daisy), fireplace shovels, railing mounting brackets, baseplates

Templates – radius templates, scroll patterns,

Traveler – stainless steel measuring tool

Forges – gas forge, coal forge

Guillotine Tool – lasercut from ½” plate, frame only, make your own tools from 3/4″x 1 ½” tool steel. Specify hardie hole size, or weld on your own hardie post.

Blacksmith Classes – classes to be offered monthly

CAD services – 2D CAD design done to your specifications, suitable for CNC cutting. Metal Specific